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RE: [IP] palm pilot...worth the expense?

First thing, decide which PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) operating system
you would like to have. In general there are a couple versions out there but
probably the two biggest (most used) ones are PocketPC (Windows) and PalmOS.
Deciding on which you one to get is almost like asking which pump is the
best :)

Personal opinion: I use PalmOS privately and PocketPC for work and I like
the PalmOS better. It is a little more simple and effective in the look and
handling and I can get my notes faster in my Palm than the other device.

Secondly, decide one the hardware. There are Palm, Handspring, Sony, and
Handera. The difference is that Palm is the original company and charges a
little more for their models. Handspring is a Palm spinoff and has a little
less expensive models. Sony is Sony and has a stylish model out for those
vain people out there ;) Handera is hard to find but their latest model
allows for a 90 degree rotation of the screen content, very cool.

Personal opinion: I have a PalmIII, a slightly older model, and if I would
buy my next one I would probably go for a Handspring model. It has everthing
you would want and if it doesn't have it, you are probably able to download
the software from somewhere. Handspring, I believe, is right now phasing out
one of their models, Handspring Visor Deluxe, and I believe it sells for
129$. Which is a very solid deivce in my opinion. But prices for color
models can go up to 340$ for the palm model. Definitely take a look at
CompUSA, BestBuy, or somewhere else and make your opinion on the form

And of course as the third point, the software. Well, there are packages out
there that allow you to do the trick - scribble down your BG, bolus, basal
insulin, carbs, and notes on activity. As a starting point, take a look at
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/links.shtml#software and
http://www.mendosa.com/software.htm. As always, the choice is yours, most of
the software manufacturers allow you to download a trial version before you

Personal opinion: I do like something that gets the job done and does it
quickly. (Part of the PalmOS philosophy: less is more) I picked a program
called DiabetesPilot (http://www.diabetespilot.com/) because I didn't have
to click through a couple of menus just to enter my values. It's fast, it's
easy  - I like it.

Bottom line, you can use your Palm for quite a lot of things. Bookkeeping,
classic 'filofax' tasks and so forth. Not to mention gaming. Hey, who needs
a gameboy when you have something like this :)
As far as diabetes is concerned, for a techno 'nerd' like me it was the
right thing to motivate me to do my documentation. Plus, I also use a
program on the PC to do the more elaborate analysis. I haven't shown it to
my endo yet since I am not on the pump yet but I hope that my heaps of
numbers help him doing his job.

Is it worth the $170 - hardware and software - yes.

Hope it helps,

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