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[IP] Advice on increasing MM 508 error messages?

I've been getting more "no delivery" alarms than usual
lately and I haven't figured out why. After I clear
the error msg from the screen, it goes back to normal,
but I go sky high for the next hour and have to
super-bolus, like I haven't been getting any insulin.
I use the Rapids, so it's not a bent cannula issue,
and I prep all my reservoirs the way they say and I've
quit re-using them for the time being until I figure
out what's going on. When I called Minimed they were
no help at all. The guy was so suspicious of the
Rapids, as he had never heard of them before and was
wholly unconvinced that they were compatible with the
Minimed pump. How could he not know that all the sets
(Paradigm aside) are interchangeable among pumps? And
I told him I had been using them for three months with
no problem. 
Anyway, on New Year's Eve I got a "E-01" message some
time after midnight (not sure when, it had been
beeping for a while before I noticed). When I cleared
the screen, the pump turned off and back on with all
the settings cleared. I had to re-set everything. The
Minimed manual's error explanation was no help, and I
figured it was either the year change at midnight or
somehting as simple as static. Is that the error
message that comes with static?
Anyway, thaniks for your help in advance and Happy New

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