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     i have been a type 1 for 21 years, and have had the pump for about 3-4
weeks now. my educator has me doing the carb counting. my personal ratio is
10 grams of carbs to 1 unit of insulin. i also had to work (and suffer!) to
get my basal rate adjusted. this meant testing at night, and not having a
snack, and seeing what my sugar was in the morning. it was hard, but i
finally got it somewhat figured out, at a rate of .9 units per hour
overnight. i had to do the same thing between breakfast and lunch, lunch and
dinner, dinner and bed. if i was dropping or rising too much, i had to
adjust the basal rate accordingly. one thing i had trouble with, is getting
rid of all my old habits, such as "i would never take 6 units for a bowl of
ice cream!"  i count the carbs, (and hold my breath!), and 8 out of 10 times
i am fine. i still a few funny highs and lows now and then.  my other basal
rates are .6 from 7am to 5pm, .7 from 5pm to 10pm, then .9 overnight.
that's how i'm adjusting. you may have already been doing all this, but
hopefully i offered some hope. hang in there my friend, you'll do it!
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