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Re: [IP] sil serter - do you like it?

I used my sil serter for the 1st time last nite and was 476 this morning -  
I should have been hypo since I bolused 2.5 units before I went to bed 
(since I had celery with dip and 2 glasses of "cold duck"). But I liked the 
serter. I'm wondering if I just can't use sils. They never seem to work very 
well for me . I changed to a sof-set this morn and have been bolusing the 
morning high all day. Will try the sils and serter again when I run out of 

Oh yes, my site was bleeding where the canula went in. And the tape was a 
little wet and smelled like insulin. I thought maybe it hadn't gotten 
inserted, but when I removed it it looked OK. I do't know what happened.

MiniMed would let me split orders before. Ask them again next time you have 
to order.

Sue (dalgal)

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Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 12:14:12 -0800 (PST)

Happy New Year everyone.
I just tried to use my sil serter for the second time, and for the second 
time I did not get a
site that I could use.  This time the site was obviously bleeding.  Last 
time it BURNED everytime
I did a bolus (very unusual for me).  Both times I turned around and 
inserted manually in
annoyance.  Have any of you figured out how to use it?  And why use it?  I 
was hoping it would
help me get inserted into sites I can't reach very well, but I realize if I 
can't reach it I can't
remove the introducer needle.
I just ordered a new shipment of sets - now I am wishing I ordered 
quicksets.  I tried to order
both, and MM wouldn't let me.
Oh well... I can insert manually.

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