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[IP] Palm Pilots

I don't just use mine for DM. I also keep my addresses, memos, dates,
digital photos and such on it. I have a game too -called Bejeweled- and
there are other such things for the Palm OS. I use the Handspring Visor
Prism, with the Visor Phone attachment so it is a PDA, Cell phone, Digital
camera (With the EyeModule) and has other attachments available for MP3
playing, wireless internet and such.

The PDA I chose has the Color TV type screen and the battery is enclosed in
it, I only set it on it's cradle at night to charge it up. I needed the
Color model because of retinopathy of prematurity, I'm not fond of the
'green screen'.

Go and check out the various models at CompUSA or J & R Computers or
whatever. Play with them. Get to know what YOU want too. I find the ones
specified for the PALM Operating system are the best and you have more
options for DM software. Many of the "Pocket PC" types don't have many
applications for DM and dietary databases like the Palm OS devices do.

If you are a cell phone user, check out the modern cellphones with the Palm
OS included. They are tiny and *I* personally couldn't see them well, but
maybe you can and it would save you looking like BatMan with his Utility
Belt laden with gadgets.

Anyone heard about Freestyle's PDA Glucose meter module? I got my handspring
for that specific reason, and have yet to hear anything more about it.

Have fun, but get what you will want and need over just the price if you
can, as this will be an investment for a few years.

Very Connected...
Jenny Sutherland
email @ redacted
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