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Re: [IP] New Year's Eve Chat

And soon, maybe even Afghanistan....  8(  <---- not because I feel bad for the Afghans....

Mike O

George wrote:

> On 31 Dec 2001 at 23:24, Thomas Beatson wrote:
> > Wendy wrote:  We will Celebrate the New Year in all three time zones.
> >
> > Wendy, for your information we have four time zones in the United
> > States. Just because the Mountain Time Zone has a lower population is
> > no excuse for overlooking us. MST includes at least three large
> > cities: Phoenix (#6 in the USA), Denver, and Salt Lake City.
> > ----------------------------------------------------------
> There are 6 times zones in the United STATES, don't forget the Alaskan and Hawaiian time zones.  Then if you are also counting Territories, Possessions and
> Commonwealths we have Puerto Rican/Virgin Island time plus Guam/American Samoan times too!    ;>)
> George
> (who never has enough time)
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