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Re: [IP] palm pilot...worth the expense?

I can't answer whether it's worth the expense or not - as I got mine as a
Christmas present with my new pump from Animas - -but I do know the Palm Pilot
seems like it's going to be a great tool to use for managing my diabetes.

I am using the EZ Manager software from Animas.  Right now, with a Palm Pilot
- you can download it for a 30 day free trial.  I don't know for sure how much
it's going to cost AFTER the free trial - other than under $100.  Animas users
will get a discount on that.

With this software, you can program in your carb to insulin ratio (for each
meal, so if you're one of those who's different every meal - no biggie!).  You
can pick out the foods you're going to eat, (It even includes LOTS of fast
food, etc) and it will calculate the carbs for you - and if you want it to --
your correct insulin dosage!

If you enter your bg limits (the highest and lowest you would like to be),
when you enter a bg reading - if you're high it will calculate how much
insulin you need to take (based on how much you programmed in that one unit
will lower your bg) and if you're low, it will calculate how many carbs you
need to eat, to get it back within normal range.

Seems to me like this is going to be a great tool, but as I've only had mine a
week, I can't say for absolutely sure yet.

And I haven't tried it - but it looks like 2 people can use it - cause when
you do a HotSynch (synchronize it with your computer) you have to pick out
which user, but I haven't done this as I'm the only one who uses it.  Maybe
someone else will have more info on that aspect for you.

Good luck!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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