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[IP] Pumps for small children

My child does NOT have diabetes, but if she ever does get it, I would be all 
for her getting a pump.

I think the sooner a child (of any age) can get a pump, the better control 
that child can have over his/her diabetes.  Why put a child through the 
termoils of highs and lows and all the crap that comes along with them, the 
better controlled the child is, the better off they will be in the long run.

I know my daughter sometimes refuses to eat, so I can imagine what you 
parents must have to do to make your child eat if they are a diabetic, and 
that they NEED to eat to feed the insulin that they have already taken.  I 
have a challenge almost every meal with my daughter to eat.........and she 
only needs to eat because I want her to.....

So for all of you parents who are in question of starting your young children 
on a pump, in my opinion , I would do it as soon as possible.  It has 
improved my life 100% and I am 30 years old.

Good luck with pumping!!!

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