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[IP] Wine and cooking

My husband is diabetic and using the pump.  I'm still learning what we can
and cannot use in cooking to avoid hypos (i.e. sunflower seeds are
definitely taboo at dinnertime bcs they have severe downward pressure that
catches up with him in the middle of the night in a nasty way).  In any
event, I would like to cook spaghetti sauce with red wine in it.  I am
assuming that the cooking process will get rid of the alcohol and leave the
flavor, but I don't want to assume and have him experience a 1 a.m. hypo.
I've looked in several recipe books for diabetes diets, but none of them
talk about using alcohol in cooking, only drinking it out of a glass (or
bottle I suppose =})

Any insight from experience would be welcome.

Heidi O. Strauch (wife of Sayer: dx 4/87, MM 507 1/98)
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