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[IP] Rotation of Sites

I started on the MiniMed 508 pump Monday morning, and will do my first site
change tomorrow morning. I am using the Sof-set Micros. I am wondering about
how to do site rotation. My trainer said she likes to go from the lower
right abdomen to the lower left abdomen and back to the right again, etc.
She thought that would provide better insulin absorption. The MiniMed
literature suggests rotating in a more orderly manner, for instance,.going
from right to left, then down 1" and back to the right side of the lower
abdomen, keeping at least 1" between sites. I like this idea. Should there
be any problem with absorption doing this? Also, has anyone done this and is
there any problem with getting the new tape on the old site? I am using the
larger piece of tape that comes with the Sof-set. There seems to be about 1"
from the edge of the tape to the cannula. Thanks in advance for any input on

type 1, 29 years
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