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Re: [IP] Animas pumps

I had the BEST phone conversation with our local Animas rep out here in WA 
state today.  I put in an inquirie the other day on their website for his 
info and the interest in having him come be a speaker for our local support 
group for families with D. kids.  He was VERY interested and plans on coming. 
 He told me more about the company than I've ever known.  This company was 
set up to not only sell the product but more important to be an active group 
of educators talking about diabetes in general and pump therapy in general.  
He 'warned' me that when he talks to groups he is talking about pump therapy 
and not about their pump unless someone asks specific questions.  He will 
bring along demos for people to see and will of course answer their questions 
but his, and the company's, priority seems to be to teach people about pump 
therapy in general.  Cool, huh?!!  They also set themselves up so that they 
are falling under JAICO (Barb, help me here on the spelling please) 
guidelines, that is why it is a little harder becoming a pump trainer with 
their company, but NOT impossible.  He is already looking into the specifics 
for me!

  Anyway, I look forward to starting a working relationship as a support 
person in our area for ALL of the pump companies because I'm  a firm believer 
that all DMers should have this opportunity for better control.  I don't care 
which pump, just get one!

All done now!  Thanks for listening!

mom to Joshua
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