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[IP] new islets from duct cells

Some new research this little vignette details some interesting research
coming out of Eastern Virginia Medical School shows promise in regenerating
islet cells. a protein produed by wrapping the pancreas of a hamster wih
cellophane. the protein appears without inflamation to test the protein's
effect hamster's were given streptozotocin which destroyed the islets of
the hamster. The hamsters were then treated after the onset of their
diabetes with injections of the protein followed up ere found to have
islets contining beta cells, somatostatin secreting cells and alpha cells
able to secrete glucagon. hamsters treatd with this protein are able to
remain euglycemic depite total destruction of their islet cells.
microscopic examintion shows islets of Langerhans developed around the
pancreatic ducts. Spot 

sometimes theory and seemingly nonsensical experimentation pays off not all
of us seem to do productive stuff. 
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