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[IP] [IP#838] Re: Bad Sites?

>> From: "Todd & Shelly  Tyler" <email @ redacted>
>> Subject: [IP] Re: Bad Sites?

>> I DREAD bathtime as that doesn't help keep it
>> stuck on.  We have tried Mastisol, tincture of Benzoin, all kinds of
Preps and
>> nothing works.  Oh well, I will make do and put up with that one

We used to dread baths for our son (now four) also - I finally found
something that
works for us - I got the tip off of this mail list. We do two things:

1. We put a small piece of IV prep tape down first and insert the sil thru
that. That really 
   improves the sticking!!
2. We disconnect and cover the WHOLE set (including the part where you plug
in) with
   Tegaderm. The Tegaderm is waterproof and keeps the "cloth" part of the
set from
   getting wet, which makes a big difference!

After the bath we use snip thru the Tegaderm in front on the connection site
and reconnect.
We have had great results with that! Ryan loves long baths - I let him play
in a bubble
bath for a whole hour the other day - the set stuck just fine. Swim lessons
start this week!

Hope it works for you,
Susan (Ryan's Mom - from Oregon)
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