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Re: [IP] non-reaction to pump

I've had something similar happen to me at the gym, except the woman thought 
it was a heart rate monitor. She got really interested when she saw me 
placing the pump in the "waist-it" and said 'that is a great idea I have one 
of those and I've not figured out how to wear it while exercising yet.' I 
just said 'I've tried disconnecting it but my bloodsugar goes to high if I 
don't so I just turn the rate down instead'. She gives me a "looong" look 
and finally says 'what is it that you are wearing?'

Somebody else thought it was the "thingy" that is used with the cochlear 
implant, just because of the tubing.

So I guess the pump looks like a lot of other things

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 06:51:02 GMT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] non-reaction to pump

I've been meaning to mention an event that I
found quite funny (both strange and amusing).

When I change in and out of exercise clothes at
the gym, I don't make any particular attempt to
hide the fact that I'm wearing a pump. Thus far,
nobody has commented on it, which surprises me
slightly -- but then, locker-room etiquette is
largely based on Not Looking Too Closely At

But a few weeks ago, while I was changing, I
noticed a woman looking sidelong at my pump. At
first I wasn't going to say anything, but then
my own curiosity got the better of me. The fol-
lowing conversation ensued:

Me: "Were you wondering what that was?"
Her: "Oh, I know what it is. It's a beeper."
Me: "No, actually, it's not a beeper. It's an
     insulin pump."
Her: "Oh. I thought it was a beeper."

And with that, she walked off. I guess that in her
world, beepers are attached to the user's stomach
with a long tube....

/Janet L.

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