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Re: [IP] b/g spikes

Kelly Pedersen wrote:

> --- Notha Stevens <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > I have heard that if your b/g is high, but does not remain there for at
> > least 24 hours, it would not affect your A1C. Does anyone know if this is
> > true. Or how long a period are you calling a spike?
> This is not true!!  A spike is anytime your bg goes  above the rate you want it to > be at.  You will see your a1c affected quite a bit if your bg only spikes
> after mealtimes because of improper timing.

Well, from experience, I know that it varies according to the individual
case. I have had periods when I ALWAYS spiked around 200 after every
meal (and often stayed there for hours), but my A1c was still in the low
5's. And I WASN'T having hypos, nor were my fasting BGs particularly
low. I just typically run a low A1c.

I was always amazed when people would report having typical BGs
distinctly lower than mine, yet report A1c's in the 7's and 8's. 

>From that (and an article referenced in the FAQ of m.h.d), I conclude
that the A1c is not nearly as precise or predictive as we deem it to be
-- and that each person has to determine their OWN A1c goal in
consultation with a doc who is aware of individual variation.

Or if you're stubborn like *I* am, you just determine your goal all by
yourself, based on your knowledge of your own body and how it works!
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