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[IP] Recycling Tubing

 SNIP>>>>I have no idea how the tubing is made but
wow!  It's great stuff!  It esp. can tie a nice noose around my neck while
I sleep and the insulin keeps running! ;- /

I congratulate the tubing chemical engineers!<<<<SNIP

It is amazingly strong stuff.   
And we have been running a thread for years on the "recycling" uses for used
tubing.  I, personally, have used it 

to make a trellis for my climbing Jasmine, 
tye up tomato plants, 
doubling it and tying the dog's leash to a hook so he can be out with me
when I am gardening, 
tying a stack of newspapers for recycling, 
tying down trunk for Christmas tree, 
hanging a houseplant, 
tying the stake a ficus tree.   

There may be more uses, but that is all I can come up with now.   
Bonnie Richardson
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