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[IP] transplants

 SNIP>>>SYLSTAT said:   How can the islet cell transplants be considered a
cure?  I mean, yeh, sure 
you might be able to stop taking insulin, but for how long?  But what you DO

have to take is a handful of pills for the rest of your life to prevent 
anything else from falling apart.  And then, if the transplant does not take

for whatever reason, you are back on insulin AND the pills...for the rest of

your life.  What kind of trade-off is that???
Just my personal opinion, of which I have a right to!<<<<<SNIP

I don't consider it a cure.  In fact, with the anti-rejection drugs I'd have
to take, unless they have improved them a great deal, I would not have a
transplant until I reached a ripe old age.  You know that cause & effect
relationship.  The anti rejection drugs, which allow your body to keep a
transplanted organ/cells, and certainly have a much higher quality of life,
will, in the LONG run, kill you.  Of course, I have the choice at this poing
of having the cell transplant or staying on the pump.

If they could just improve on the anti rejection meds, I'd go for the islet
cell transplant in a minute.  In fact, because of that research I got my
brother to change his driver's license status to DONOR, telling him that if
something happened to him, could I have his islet cells?!?!?  And he changed

The other side of the coin is that my Step Sister, who had a Kidney
transplant at Mayo's when she was 24, lived a good life for nearly 28 years
with her dad's, then her mom's kidney.   Of course she had no other options,
her kidney was gone.  She might argue with my opinion. However, she died as
a result of the long term anti rejection medication.

So, in my opinion, the islet cell transplant is not to be taken lightly.   I
would consider it only if there were no other options.  Thank goodness there
are....thanks to MM, Animas, Disotronics!!!

 Anyone have another view, or knowledge of better anti rejection meds? 

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
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