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[IP] Double layered tubing?

I've been using the MM 508 since August.  I use the sofsets with the longer tubing.  Does
MM sell this type of tubing with the inner layer? I saw a D rep. show some at a Diabetes
expo and thought it would be a good deal.  I don't want to mess with the hassle of making
the insurance company let me get some goods from D and some from MM though. I've never
actually had the tubing get so crimped that it stops delivery, but sometimes I do like to
wear the pump clipped on my pants pocket and tuck the tubing into the pocket.  This makes
a crazy loopty loop in the tubing that does not unwind. I try to only do this on the last
day before I change sites because of that.
Also, I've only had one or two sites that didn't last three days.  But every three days I
change the entire works, reservoir, tubing, everything. I'm thinking of seeing what I can
stop changing to save some $.  Bascially I have to change both tubing and reservoir now
because I tighten the leur neck (correct term?) so tight that I can't get it off.
Experiment time I guess.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
For the first time in over fourteen years, since starting pumping in August, my thighs and
arms are not sore from MDI (of course I started with a fresh "slate" since I never gave
myself tummy injections.  Let's hope the no-soreness lasts)
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