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Re: [IP] Swivel Clip Case For H-TRON

>For those of you who use the clip case (the one that
>swivels) for the H-TRON:
>1.  How long are they supposed to last assuming you
>ALWAYS wear/use one?
>2.  When do you need to replace it?  (If no set limit
>3.  If the spring thingy (the one that is used next to
>the adapter and keeps the pump in the case when you
>put it in) won't automatically close on its own, can
>that be fixed or do you need to get a new case?  If it
>can be fixed, what tool do you use to fix it???  Is it
>still safe to use it?


I've had my h-tron since June and the spring on my case doesn't spring
anymore.  I noticed when I was out running and the pump fell out, luckily
I caught it by the tube without it hitting the ground.  That was several
months ago, what I do now is just push the spring part over the pump and
it stays in place.  I think the problem with mine is that I wear it in
the water, and the metal spring parts have gotten a bit rusty.

Why don't you ask your rep if s/he'll send you a new one?

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