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[IP] Getting a school to listen (was Moira's story . . . )

Susan [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> school is not willing to listen to anything I say.  A 
> counselor told me last 
> week that the school is not going to let some little ole lady 
> come in and 
> tell them what needs to be done.  Yet Cory's CDE and team 
> feel that they 
> train the parents well enough for the parents to do all the school 
> educational work.  Ah, we still have a long way to go on 
> educating this 
> school. The state dept. of education is now involved so 
> hopefully things will 
> begin to get resolved.

That may help some.  It occurs to me there may be another path that could
work as well - sort of like bringing out the big club.  It's in your
insurance company's best interest to see that Cory is getting appropriate
care while in school because that will result in less money out of their
pocket.  So . . . I wonder if they would assist, even perhaps assigning an
attorney (at their expense, of course) to draft a letter, using appropriate
legalese, to inform the school (and the school board, etc.) that they run
the risk of being sued in federal court if they don't get a proper plan in

Just a thought, and probably not worth $.02.

Jim Handsfield
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mailto:email @ redacted

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