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[IP] non-reaction to pump

I've been meaning to mention an event that I 
found quite funny (both strange and amusing).

When I change in and out of exercise clothes at 
the gym, I don't make any particular attempt to 
hide the fact that I'm wearing a pump. Thus far, 
nobody has commented on it, which surprises me 
slightly -- but then, locker-room etiquette is 
largely based on Not Looking Too Closely At 

But a few weeks ago, while I was changing, I 
noticed a woman looking sidelong at my pump. At 
first I wasn't going to say anything, but then 
my own curiosity got the better of me. The fol-
lowing conversation ensued:

Me: "Were you wondering what that was?"
Her: "Oh, I know what it is. It's a beeper."
Me: "No, actually, it's not a beeper. It's an 
     insulin pump."
Her: "Oh. I thought it was a beeper."

And with that, she walked off. I guess that in her 
world, beepers are attached to the user's stomach 
with a long tube....

/Janet L.

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