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Re: [IP] pumpers log


  My son is on the Disetronic H-Tron pump and we absolutely LOVE their log 
books.  And what's even better is that they will send then to us for free, 
just for the asking!  So you may want to try this.  They will send some 
samples for you to try.  I really like them because each day is at a glance 
(24 hours )  and then there is the blank page below that is great for notes, 
foods, etc.  And it is just a little larger than your average checkbook!

  Then you can also find some really good samples in the back of the book 
Pumping Insulin.  If you haven't gotten this book yet you really should.  
This is THE BEST book for pumping and they actually have blank forms for you 
to tear out and use.

mom to Joshua
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