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[IP] Donations & Diabetes Awareness

Perhaps we can all write a short (yea, I know that's
hard for me!) story about ourselves that can help to
personalize how much these donations towards diabetes
is needed and appreciated?  We could include
information on what diabetes has meant to us; how it
has changed our lives (and we could give examples of
this); we could even mention little about some of the
problems we face now and in the future and the costs
(to an individual and to those around him/her and the
taxpayer), such as complications, problems with
family,  the lack of CURRENT info with health care
professionals, etc.  

I know that we all are tired of the lack of research
dollars going towards a cure, but it seems to me that
ANY amount of money would be helpful since so low an
amount is spent on DIABETES compared to other equally
serious diseases.

Perhaps one area that hasn't been talked about much is
funding for more educators, support groups and/or
special trainers (such as those who can help instruct
how to take a certain medication safely) in areas
which do not have this?  Or, maybe there could be
funding for special clinics for health care
professionals to learn some of the new aspects about
diabetes that drive us crazy when we hear about them
and their "wild notions???"  This could certainly make
our lives more stress-free........

Sure, I'd like money for a CURE (that would be
GREAT!), but in the meantime, remember it is that
money that is spent elsewhere that has given us our
pumps and carb counting.  Remember, we're still having
trouble convincing our families that we can even THINK
about eating a carb without falling over dead or
immediately getting complications right  after it is
in our mouth!

You never know if diabetes would be cured right now if
that money wasn't spent on research, either.  I mean,
I'd like to think it would be cured - more like
non-existent - but that is in the past and we'll never
know if it was meant to be.  We can only hope that
donations can come in and that we can start seriously
looking at SOLUTIONS rather than researching current
treatments.  They both are important, but a CURE is

Maybe what we need to stress that a cure is important
area of funding right NOW, but if you (the person who
is making the donation) are not comfortable or do not
want to support a CURE at least could you please put
out something, ANYTHING to make this a less
diminishing disease???

As for raising awareness, is there any way that we can
get the ADA or JDF to support the grey/silver ribbon
on a nation-wide scale?  If we could get one of the
major association's backing, it is possible that we
can raise awareness to those who may be at risk or to
those who can donate.  People will see the grey/silver
ribbon and ask what it's all about, especially since
no one has seen it before........

Just my own humble thoughts!  :-)

Pump hugs,

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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