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[IP] Re: Overweight epidemic

Bonnie Richardson wrote:

As to what we can do, certainly stop the vending machines, ban fast food,
junk foot, but how can we address the emotional issues of eating too
much?.....we are not feeding our stomachs, we are feeding something we are
starved for.

I think that part of the "emotional issues" that keep people overeating is
the prejudice against fat in our society.  It's a society that pushes food
and looks down on fat people.  It's such a vicious cycle because the only
way individuals can have any success on any weight loss program is by
valuing who they are NOW, no matter what their size.  It's hard to value to
oneself in a culture that doesn't accept you.  It's so painful to be
overweight in this culture that it's no wonder overweight people turn to
their "drug of choice" (food) to ease the pain.

Just my opinion.
Kindest regards,
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