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Re: [IP] recent hospital stay...

Hi Curtis,
This hospital stay was brought on by 2 things. I was being treated for a site 
infection since last Wed. and on Fri. am I was hit by the flu. By late Friday 
eveing, by I had no appetite, but was forcing fluids with some carbs( ie 
Gatorade). I was bolusing to cover the highs and also increased my basal 
slightly. By Sat. evening my coughing was causing me to vomit any liquid I 
could get in. When I arrived at the ER, my Bs was "only"( that's what nursing 
said) 287, but my gap? was showing mild to moderate dka. There other concern 
was that I was so dehydrated that my blood pressure was very low(at one point 
78/30). During the course of my stay, they treated me with iv antibodics for 
the infection (1st one I have every had), and many bags of fluids both 
straight saline and somewith dextrose. 
The endo fellow who was covering for my dr said I had basiclly done all I 
could at home and that some times we have to just throw in the towel. 
I'm still running high and feeling blah.Just checked level and its 345. 
Waiting for call back from Dr. to see what else to do. At least I am able to 
keep the fluid s done now, only coughed them up once tonight. 
Linda W
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