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[IP] recent hospital stay...

Sorry to hear that you spent time in the hospital.

Your question about ketones levels and bg level seems to be a common
misconception.  Ketone levels are not directly related to BG levels.
Ketones are caused by not enough insulin and BG is caused by too much

You had ketones because your body needed energy and it took it from fat and
protein because it could not get to your glucose.  The accumulation of
ketones was due to too little insulin to manage the metabolism of those

Our experience is that ketones can take longer to get rid of compared to
BG.  So your 200s may have been from having finally enough insulin and it
working faster on the carbs.  Or perhaps you had not eaten much before you
went into the ketones.

Had you been eating before?

Can you relate how you managed to get in this state?  I think we could
learn from your experience here.

Curtis Lomax
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