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[IP] Carb counting and Meal Plans

Diane wrote:
> Out of curiosity, were people with Type 1 ever trained with the exchange 
> method?  I'm wondering if Type 2's are ever trained with carb counting? I 
> know an older man who is an insulin dependent Type 2 who had never heard  
> of carb counting, and had a really difficult time with his control.

And Spot wrote:
> Mo8st of us who have had typ1 initially learned exchange lists but some of
> us convert exchanges to carbs. it is noy muvh of a change. I'm sure jan
> hughey still unconsciously uses excahnges. Most of the time I do too.

I was originally trained with the exchange system. And I do the same
thing -- think in exchanges and then convert to grams. Except when I can
read a label!

Sometimes dietitians teach exchanges rather than carb-counting because
they think it might be easier for the patient to handle small numbers
than large numbers (2 bread exchanges = 2 units of insulin, for example,
is easier than my carb ratio is 1:15, and I'm eating 30 grams, so 30
divided by 15 is 2 units of insulin).

But another built-in assumption of the exchange system is that the
patient will be following a meal plan. That's the whole idea of
exchanges -- I can have bread today, rice tomorrow and potatoes the next
day and use the same amount of insulin to cover.

But there are those of us (like ME) who don't WANT to follow a meal plan
-- and that means knowing carb counting, even when it's done via

Meal plans probably make sense for some people -- particularly those
that are trying to watch their weight, or fill certain nutritional
needs, but that doesn't mean everyone should be roped into them!!!!! 

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