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[IP] recent hospital stay...

Over the weekend I found myself in the ER of a Boston hospital in 
"mild-moderate dka." This was my first experience staying in the hospital 
since being on the pump and boy, some things never change (and some did). In 
the ER I had a resident who was OK with the pump, but wanted to supplement 
with reg. to get rid of the ketones. I had trouble trying to understand this, 
why not increase my basal etc. Anyway, another fellow from Endocrine finally 
stepped in (after 12 hr.) and decided that my pump could handle it instead. 
That was a great change from being on MDI. I had control on when and how much 
I was given for meals, etc., ( with some changes from endo of course ). What 
confuses me is that my levels were in the mid 200"s, but I still had large 
ketrones? On MDI, I had to have levels in the 400-500's before DKA. Is the 
tighter control I am trying to achieve causing me to spill ketones at lower 
I was very suprised of the general lack of knowledge of a teaching hospital 
regarding a pump. Many nurses were surprised when I was changing my site and 
also was surprise that I decided what my dose was for meals etc. Many of the 
med. students and residents I saw had an interest in learning about it, but 
again just general misconceptions on how it works. Most thought it was an 
internal pump and it tested our levels too (that would be a dream come true). 
I guess I expected a greater level of knowledge fromthem then I saw. 
I can say this, this stay was a lot quicker and less stressful for me having 
the pump with me.
Linda W
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