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Re: [IP] Re: Bad Sites?

> Hi there:  We have been pumping almost 6 months now, my pumper is
> almost 5 years old. 
>  Still CANNOT get the sets to stick for 3 days, not even 2.  Usually
> have to do a poor patch job with extra tape.  I DREAD bathtime as
> that doesn't help keep it stuck on.  We have tried Mastisol,
> tincture of Benzoin, all kinds of Preps and nothing works.

Got another one for you to try. This was posted by a member early 
last year.
I use Cavilon cream (from 3M) and I literally have to
pry the tape off when I change a set.

The product number is 3392 Durable Barrier Cream.

If you wish to order direct from a distributor you may
call Edge Park Surgical
800-321-0591 and they will take a credit card order
for the product.

Although 3M says that it is not available at any
retail store, I have read other posts where pumpers
have asked their pharmacist to order for them.

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