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Re: [IP] Bad sites...

> If your site is holding up just fine, and you have enough insulin
> left in your pump, how long CAN you leave a site in?  Is there a
> rule?  My son started to run low on his insulin with his first set,
> so had to change after two days.  With the second set, he still had
> lot's of insulin left in the pump, because he opted to use the
> feature where he extended the syringe beyond the edge of the pump,
> which allows a greater amount of insulin to be used in the pump.  He
> put in more than he needed for three days, his site was holding up
> great, his numbers were great, but he went ahead and changed it last
> night.  Did he really have to?

He didn't need to change the insulin cartridge, just the infusion 
set. The sets should be changed every 3 - 4 days -- you're pushing 
your luck beyond that even though a few people do it. You really 
don't want to get a site infection. Lily has been changing sets twice 
a week for over 6 years. She uses the tubes twice, only changing 
the set itself. On the third day the wound still looks pretty good. 
On the forth day it's not bad, but definetly does not look as good as 
a 3 day set. It's sometimes a little redder and the sides of the 
wound are definitely more ragged. There is generally not anything 
else, but the wound looks "tired" at the forth day.
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