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Re: [IP] Fluorescein Angiography

In a message dated 1/30/01 12:35:28 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Yerachmiel wrote:
 > Anybody on board ever have one of those horrible reactions to the
 > (if you ever have you KNOW what I mean).
 Oh, yes.  Every time I had one 14 years ago.  One time I took
 an anti-nausea pill and that seemed to help, but they don't
 recommend those anymore (don't know why).
 The histoplasmosis which necessitated those fluoresceins back
 then came back in November, and I had to have another.  I didn't
 have as strong a reaction this time, but I did end up sitting on
 the floor with my head betwen my legs after it was over.  Then
 I got to get a shot in the eye, which has a much higher gross-
 out factor, but actually was much better than the fluorescein.
 It helped me this time that my Dr. didn't have his thumb
 in my eye during the procedure -- I _hate_ that.
 Sorry, I'm sure that doesn't help much. >>
Yerachmiel I had the fluorescein in an eye study in 1973. I am lucky to have 
a strong stomach and did not get sick. I was told then I could not have 
anything to eat period. I recall they strapped my head in to take the photos, 
and told me I must not move for some 7 or 8 seconds. That was the time the 
dye took to get to the eye. I would hope they have learned a better way by 
now. Roger C (dx12/1/47 pm 5/8/00)
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