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[IP] Re: Bad Sites?

Hi there:  We have been pumping almost 6 months now, my pumper is almost 5
years old. Not sure if this makes a difference (his age that is) but we have
had LOTS of bad sets! In fact I would say I can count on my hand the amount of
good sets we have pulled out.  This is not to say that we see bad numbers
every 3 days, in fact I change them sometimes on the 3rd day and thinking they
were a good set, and then there is a major crimp or some kind of "stuff" in
the cannula on removal.  I think the thing that happens with ours is that a 4
year old is very active as far as throwing himself around (LOL) and jumping on
everything and sliding down slides, etc etc.  He wrestles with his Dad and all
seems well, but then when we change the set we see a definate L shaped cannula
then. We use SiLS and insert shallow, so I think these bumps and thumps are
what does his in...

Otherwise we are doing fine.  Learning always and trying new things.  Still
CANNOT get the sets to stick for 3 days, not even 2.  Usually have to do a
poor patch job with extra tape.  I DREAD bathtime as that doesn't help keep it
stuck on.  We have tried Mastisol, tincture of Benzoin, all kinds of Preps and
nothing works.  Oh well, I will make do and put up with that one drawback!
Hey we go for our 2nd A1C since pumping, 4 months after our last...wish us
luck! (We have some proving to our Endo! :-)

Thanks, Shelly
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