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[IP] Bad sites...

 SNIP>>>> So, do you all have bad sites, and if so, how often?<<<<<SNIP

You will find lots of shared experiences in the Archives of this list.
Many people have bad sites.  I can wear the silhouette for 3 days MAX!
After so many years of using my abdomen for my injections, it was just one
big bad site 3 years after pumping and primarily using abdomen.   I would go
through 3 cannulas (cannulae?) trying to find a good sight.   Now, for the
past 6 months, I am using my legs.  My abdomen seems to be getting back to
normal.   Love using the legs and have only had one bad site.   Warning for
me is if it is painful going in, it will be a problem and I have probably
pricked a vein or something.  When blood comes up, it will also be a
problem.  But normally, using tops and sides of legs I have great luck and
good numbers for the whole time.  

But check the archives for people who used Velosulin (SP?) as a buffer and
have good results. 
Good luck!
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 
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