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No Subject

I think you are right on.  Carb counting together with pumping gives you 
much more freedom.  I made pizza's for my son's lunch last week.  He ate 
one for a snack and his bg seemed to climb and climb afterwards, even 
though he had bolused for the correct number of carbs.  Solution: the 
square wave bolus.  The next day, he used this feature, and the bg's stayed 
normal afterwards.  I think there are ways to work with just about 
everything edible.

Out of curiosity, were people with Type 1 ever trained with the exchange 
method?  I'm wondering if Type 2's are ever trained with carb counting? I 
know an older man who is an insulin dependent Type 2 who had never heard of 
carb counting, and had a really difficult time with his control.

Diane :-)
Mom of Levi, diagnosed age 13, now 16
Mo8st of us who have had typ1 initially learned exchange lists but some of
us convert exchanges to carbs. it is noy muvh of a change. I'm sure jan
hughey still unconsciously uses excahnges. Most of the time I do too. Spot
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