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Re: [IP] Animas - Insurance companies

> Bob:  My ins. company approved me to have a pump on 11-16-00 and
> still a month later I had not received my animas pump either due to
> fact that my BCBS of Iowa only had contracts with MM and Dis also. 
> I just continually kept calling Animas corp and my Animas rep and
> they eventually got it worked out for Animas work with BCBS of Iowa
> through BCBS of Pennnsylvania (where Animas is located).  You just
> need to be VERY persistent and they will get it done.  Animas will
> have to work with the insurance companies if they want to get the
> business of the pumpers. 

As with both MM and D, Animas has people on their staff whose job is 
to work with the insurance companies I've spoken with some of these 
folks and know what their job descriptions are.... there sole 
purpose is to hassle with the ins co's. Keep in mind that the ins 
co's can be very uncooperative at times and your experience can be 
described as "pretty typical". It is our job to educate the public, 
our legislators, and (with a hammer) the insurance companies that 
insulin pumps represent a better and in the long run, cheaper way to 
manage diabetes.

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