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RE: [IP] Halle Berry

Faith [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> There is another possibility.
> I know someone who is an RN and very into herbal therapies.  
> Her dad has been 
> a type 1 diabetic most of his life and she and his dr has him 
> doing herbal 
> stuff and eating a very strict diet (I couldn't tell you the 
> details) and he 
> is surviving with normal blood sugars without taking insulin. 
>  Don't ask me 
> to explain.  When she talked about this I told her he as to 
> be a type 2 and 
> she said no, always a type 1, and I was really surprised.  I wasn't 
> interesting in trying this so I didn't ask for more details.

All too often, we take someone at their word when we should not.  In
clinical trials so far, the only thing that seems to show promise in
preventing type 1 diabetes in those who may be susceptible is insulin
injections.  While Ms. Berry may, indeed, be controlling her diabetes with
non-standard treatment, I am very skeptical of her claim that she has type 1
diabetes.  And, if it came to making a decision about my own care, I would
ask *LOTS* of very detailed questions, including some evidence of C-peptide
and/or anti-islet cell antibodies.  But that's the kind of information
generally lacking in a typical testimonial for any non-standard therapy.

Jim Handsfield
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mailto:email @ redacted

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