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[IP] unstable bs

Read the "How to's" on this web site and get the book, "Pumping Insulin by
Walsh.  Read it ten times.

Most people have a variable basal rate.  For instance, my daughter (9)
ranges from 0.2 to 0.9 depending on the time of day.  We had to experiment
with different rates and test by doing basal tests (fasting).  During these
basal tests the BG should stay level or close to it.  Theoretically, you
could not eat for long periods of time and maintain good numbers.

Carb counting and bolusing insulin is fairly straight forward.  Assuming
that you have your basal rates programmed correctly you will find a ratio
of carbo grams to insulin units that "covers" the food and returns you to
good numbers 2-4 hours later.  My daughter uses 20g/U in the am and 25g/U
in the pm.  Again after you have the basals set you can experiment with
these ratio.  Larger people will have higher basals and boluses.

You will find charts to get you into an average starting point for basal
and bolus and then refine them from there.

Your odctor should be helping you and it sounds like you are on your own.
Get a team that will guide you through this.  You will need a  Certified
Diabetes Educator (CDE) and a nutritionist.  Our local "Diabetes Society od
Santa Clara Valley" was a great resource for us.  You may have a similar
group waiting to help you, FIND them.

This list is also filled with people that can help.

Curtis Lomax
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