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Re: [IP] unstable bs


  The one thing I'm sure a lot of people will ask you is if you have read or 
have the book, Pumping Insulin???  This is THE book about pumping and in 
there are answers to all of these types of problems.  I just got the 3rd 
edition because my son, who is 9, is pumping.  This book goes over basal 
rates, bolus rates, fine tuning, carb counting, EVERYTHING!!!  I got mine 
from the Disetronic net store.  It was $21.00 and they sent it out right 
away.  You can get it through Mnimed also.

  Some areas on the body, I have found, can get more sore than others.  High 
up on Josh's tummy actually was very painful for him, but then he is so 
skinny.  Now we almost are exclusively using the top part of his hiney and he 
is having absolutely NO PAIN, hardley even knows they are there and his BGs 
are the best in over a year!  He is on the Dis H-Tron but we are using the MM 
Sof-Sets with the serter.  It is definately a whatever works for you type of 
thing.  It will take lots of practice and LOTS of patience to finally get 
things where they are comfortable for you.  And just when you think you have 
it something will change it so don't be too set in your ways!

Good luck and lets us know how things go for you!

mom to Joshua
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