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Re: [IP] Update; breakfast issues

Michael wrote:
> > Lauren played soccer better
> > than she EVER has -- with focus and determination. had to wonder if
> > the within range bg's had something to do with it . .
> Absolutely! I can vouch for that on behalf of my 17yo daughter. When
> she is either high or low she complains that her body just won't do
> what she asks it too.

I wonder if that's the reason some adult DMers don't realize they're
symptomatic -- they've lost touch with what their bodies really CAN do. 

Pre-insulin, I would have trouble just dragging myself around -- one
flight of stairs was too much. And don't ask me to carry the groceries

One of the things I noticed about going on insulin was how energetic I
could be! 

My primary reason for going on the pump was NOT control --  I could
control my DM just fine on shots. It was just that it took a lot of
effort, and I find the pump a lot less work (and RAM) than shots. 

And I'm not willing to slacken my goals exactly because of the
discussion above -- when my BGs are good, I FEEL good!


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