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Re: [IP] Update; breakfast issues

>> One full week into pumping and we are finally beginning to catch on.
>> Yesterday Lauren was between 75 and 120 for almost 24 hours!!! This
>> was with a soccer game (temp basal) and eating out - -a huge victory
>> for us. I was interested to note that Lauren played soccer better
>> than she EVER has -- with focus and determination. had to wonder if
>> the within range bg's had something to do with it . . 

>Absolutely! I can vouch for that on behalf of my 17yo daughter. When 
>she is either high or low she complains that her body just won't do 
>what she asks it too. 

I have the same experience. When my blood sugar is 
low, I get *very* clumsy: I drop things, trip, lose 
my balance. When it's high, especially if it's because 
of a too-low basal rate, I feel like I'm pushing a 
rock up the side of a mountain even when I'm walking 
on a flat surface. I just can't achieve that sense 
of looseness and enjoy the exertion as I do when I 
have the right balance of insulin and glucose in my 

One thing I've found with the pump is that keeping 
my blood sugar in control during exercise is *much* 
easier than it used to be. Before the pump, I never 
really knew what my blood sugar would be after a 
workout; now I can predict it to within 30 points -- 
usually less. That and stable overnight blood sugars 
are the greatest benefits in control that going on 
the pump has given me so far. I can't wait to go on 
a day hike and be able to lower my basal rate instead 
of eating raisins the entire time I'm on the trail!


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