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[IP] Animas - Insurance companies

Bob:  My ins. company approved me to have a pump on 11-16-00 and still a 
month later I had not received my animas pump either due to fact that my 
BCBS of Iowa only had contracts with MM and Dis also.  I just continually 
kept calling Animas corp and my Animas rep and they eventually got it worked 
out for Animas work with BCBS of Iowa through BCBS of Pennnsylvania (where 
Animas is located).  You just need to be VERY persistent and they will get 
it done.  Animas will have to work with the insurance companies if they want 
to get the business of the pumpers.  If they choose not to work with the 
insurance companies, all the insurance companies will only direct pump 
people to MM and Dis and Animas will lose out in the end. It sounds like you 
have decided to switch and decide on a Dis, however if you still want an 
Animas, just start making phone calls and e-mails on a regular basis.  I 
finally got my animas pump on 12-23-00 and love it.  It was worth the wait 
as I am very sensitive to insulin and the Animas will deliver basals in 
hundredths of a unit.
Good luck with whatever pump you choose.

Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 22:12:21 -0500 (EST)
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Pain in the Animas

I've been off list for awhile,  waiting for my Animas to arrive. After many
months (4?) and many phone calls, I found out that the hold up had been
with my insurer (Univera) and not, as I supposed, with slow production.

Univera (this is in Central N.Y.) covers  only Dis, and MM. I don't know
why, I didn't bother to fight it, since i just want to get started.  (And
get off the cloudy stuff forever!)

I am choosing D.  because I'm a waterbaby. I'll have to decide this
weekend whether to go with the Htron or the Dtron.        I'm leaning
towards getting the two pump deal: since I 'can be rough on things'.

I'd be happy to chew the fat with anybody on any of this.

Bob A
near Syracuse

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