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[IP] carbohydrate ratio mixed with basal rate

These are common mistakes - use only one carbohydrate ratio and
increase basal rate when it's not the right solution.

And I go further - carbohydrate ratios change once in a while. For me
every other two months. But let's get back to the main issue -
carbohydrate ratio.

If I had those numbers shown below I would try 1:10 e check for three
consecutive days, and proceed a fine adjustment: it could be 1:9.4, or
1:10.3, it depends. And your carbohydrate ratio is not one - it could be
5, 6... I have 86,400 - each one is different, for every second. And it's
easy, really.

The basal rate is used in order to keep you blood sugar level constant,

Take care.

email @ redacted

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 10:21:55 -0500
From: "Moira C. McCarthy" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Update; breakfast issues

Hello all,

One full week into pumping and we are finally beginning to catch on.
Yesterday Lauren was between 75 and 120 for almost 24 hours!!! This was with
a soccer game (temp basal) and eating out - -a huge victory for us. I was
interested to note that Lauren played soccer better than she EVER has --
with focus and determination. had to wonder if the within range bg's had
something to do with it . . . ! But we are still struggling with post
breakfast peaks. Her usual carb ratio is 1:25, and she was spiking to near
500 after breakfast. I now did 1:15 this morning and she went to 220 so
making progress. She does have a higher basal for morning . . . . Amy B
suggested I try splitting her bolus at breakfast, half of it coming a half
hour before eating. This helped her daughter with same issue. Anyone else
have any suggestions? We are still very much fine tuning, but gosh, feel so
much better than four days ago! Also, Lauren is going to do her site change
herself this afternoon for the first time!! (She uses sils) She practiced on
me all weekend :-) Wish her luck!

Mom of Lauren, 9, pumping for a week
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