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Re: [IP] Update; breakfast issues

> Hello all,
> One full week into pumping and we are finally beginning to catch on.
> Yesterday Lauren was between 75 and 120 for almost 24 hours!!! This
> was with a soccer game (temp basal) and eating out - -a huge victory
> for us. I was interested to note that Lauren played soccer better
> than she EVER has -- with focus and determination. had to wonder if
> the within range bg's had something to do with it . . 

Absolutely! I can vouch for that on behalf of my 17yo daughter. When 
she is either high or low she complains that her body just won't do 
what she asks it too. The difference in performance is evident and 
she will sit out if necessary to help get her bg's in range quickly. 
You can find more info about her Premier Club Team at:


Lauren will probably also notice that her ability to concentrate will 
improve as well as her grades as her control improves.

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