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Re:[IP] Sore insertion sites

> My son started having problems with sore sites after a year of
> pumping, too.  His blood sugars would go up after 48 hours and the
> old site would have a big red bump when he took it out.  Josh uses a
> mix of Humalog and Velosulin.  His endo made him start changing
> sites every other day and that has helped, but if anyone has a
> different suggestion,

There are many things that can contribute to sore or red infusion 
sites. If you are currently mixing insulins and still only can obtain 
48 hours, then perhaps that really is not helping and is not needed. 
Some other things to look at, try them one at a time so you know what 
the problem is by the process of elimination.

1) possible allergy to the plastic in the cannula. Get some 
samples of other sets, including the rapids (steel needle) and try 
them for a week or so to see if that eliminates the redness

2) allergy to the tape on the set itself or if using a barrier layer 
of tape, allergy to the barrier tape. If it's a mild allergy, it may 
only manifest itself because of the break in the skin -- thus the 
short set life. Try barrier films like Bards or Smith & Nephew. Some 
people are sensitive to one and not the other.

3) likewise allergy to the prep material try variations as above

4) You, your son, or another family member is a staph carrier. This 
is a real nuiscance, but does not hurt anything unless the bug gets 
into the infusion site. Repeated site infections are the usual 
give-a-way for this. Very good sterile field techniques and use of a 
sterilizing prep such as providine (an iodine wipe) usually 
eliminates the problem. It is important to wash hands and be 
particularly careful about not touching your face -- we all do this 
unconsciously all the time. Place all the infusion materials on a 
clean paper towel and touch only with clean hands gingerly.

Hmmm..... probably forgetting something here, but that's a start.
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