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Re: [IP] Insurance question

On 29 Jan 2001, at 11:01, Ray and Marcy wrote:

> I am new to Humana HMO and am surprised by my latest finding.....I have to get
> a referral every three months for my pump supplies.  The customer service rep
> told me that only cancer patients or dialysis patients; patients who have to
> get continuous treatment do not have to get referrals.  

I have blue shield of california and it looks like I'll have to do the 
same thing every 3 months too.

I made the mistake of placing a refill order directly with Minimed, 
only to find out that it was rejected, but they weren't sure who 
rejected it.  So I call Blue Cross, who said they didn't reject it, 
probably my medical group did.  So I called my medical group, who 
confirmed it, saying that I had to place the order through my 
doctor's office.

How inefficient is that, eh?  lordy.

Oh well, at least it's every 3 months on the pump supplies, 
whereas with my test strips it's *every* month.  Insurance won't 
agree to give me 3 months' worth of test strips.  I guess they're 
afraid we'll resell 'em or something.
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