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[IP] Trading sets

> I've had hives from the Teflon/Latex cannula of the Sils, and have 10
> unopened boxes to trade for bent needles--43-inches, with wings.  (Also have
> 1 unopened box of Tenders.)  MiniMed and Insulin Infusion Specialities will
> not take them back as it has been longer than 30 days since they were
> purchased.  So be aware of this policy!  Please e-mail me privately if you
> would like to make a trade.  I don't love the bent needles, but I don't have
> hives using them.  Thanks!
> Marian
> email @ redacted

Hmmm - I thought it had to be within exp. date.  anyway, Marian, have you put
down an IV-3000 tape on your skin first, then used the other sets through
that? That method seems to help others. Try it before you give up.

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