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Re: [IP] Re: DM becoming epidemic....

Brooke <email @ redacted>

>      Just wanted to add in my two cents. I also don't like the stero type
>      that all cases of diabetes are caused by bad eatting habits, laziness,
>      etc. That's definately not true for type I and not always the case in
>      type 2.

I commented on this yesterday (or was it Saturday?) -- the language that is
used (risk factor, etc.) is a *technical* language and should not be
interpreted to mean "causes".  Risk in this case refers to a statistic, not a

But I agree with you that public health professionals should find another way
to express this statistic, one that does not imply culpability to a community
we are trying to help.

>      Also just a thought, is it really on the rise or is awareness just
>      making more people get checked. Wasn't there a statisctic that for
>      every 1 diagnosed with type 2 they are 3 others who go undiagnosed?

This was raised the other day as well.  Some of the increase is due to more
diligent screening, and some is due to the changing the case definition.
However, when the incidence rate of type 2 DM is adjusted for these factors,
it is still increasing at an alarming rate, particularly among young people.

Jim Handsfield
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