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[IP] Whose Line is it Anyway?!


I think, though well meaning, that you went over the line in your efforts 
to get the paper to do the "right thing".

Jim S.
email @ redacted<<<<SNIP

Whose Line?  He sure didn't cross any line I know about.  In fact I think he
acted with gentlemanly restraint.   My family was in the newspaper business
for three generations, and the goals I heard were always "inform with
accuracy" and the public has a right to know.   I found the
editor/publisher/whomever the guy was, to be incredible shortsighted and
rude.    Wish I bought his paper so I could cancel my subscription.   

Remember, no fights intended here, and I respect your opinion, Jim, and your
letting us know Michael crossed your line.   My personal opinion is that he
didn't cross mine, and I applaud his efforts.   Viva la difference! 

Bonnie Richardson   
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