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[IP] Re: DM becoming epidemic....

     Just wanted to add in my two cents. I also don't like the stero type 
     that all cases of diabetes are caused by bad eatting habits, laziness, 
     etc. That's definately not true for type I and not always the case in 
     type 2. It upsets me when people find out I am diabetic say well if 
     you ate better and exercised more this wouldn't have happened. Of 
     course they feel pretty silly when I explain I am an aerobics 
     instructor, and an almost vegetarian. One of my doctors associates 
     even made that comment when he diagnosed me as type 2, (really I was 
     type 1, it was just caught early) and told me that Igot it becasue I 
     ate sweet and sour chicken. It's natural to feel some guilt at 
     diagnosis, but the media just makes it worse.
     Also just a thought, is it really on the rise or is awareness just 
     making more people get checked. Wasn't there a statisctic that for 
     every 1 diagnosed with type 2 they are 3 others who go undiagnosed?
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