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Re: [IP] Pump Training

Carey asked:
Just wondering how involved the pump training was that most of you had? I have
heard of some people being put in the hospital for a week for their training.
Would I need a whole week's training, since I am a new type 1?>>

Carey it seems that each doctor handles this differently.  For Cory, my 11 
year old grandson, we met with a pump trainer for 5 hours.  Prior to our 
meeting, we had to watch a video and do a lot of practice homework.  We had 
to read the manual and another book and answer questions prior to our visit.  
No hospitalization was required.  The CDE calls us everyday and reviews the 
previous 24 hours.  She makes adjustments and tells us why she is doing 
these.  In the beginning Cory's #'s were mostly in the 80 - 130 range.  
However, he began gym classes and was struggling to stay in the 70 - 80 range 
even though she reduced the lunch insulin ration and added a pregym juice.  
Now she has lowered his basal and he's had a few 200's and even a 300.  It 
just takes time to try to get the right basal set and to figure the right 
insulin to carb ratio.  With children this can frequently change due to 
hormones, growth and all the pesky little viruses that kids tend to get.  
I hope that all goes well for you.  Many people on this board are very good 
at trouble shooting so you can always post any questions that you have.
Susan - Grandma to Cory
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